The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers its students multiple unique advantages: an excellent faculty, 14 state-of-the-art technology laboratories, multidisciplinary teams representing the university nationally and internationally, the opportunity to work hand in hand with expert research groups and be part of projects that work to improve the quality of life and solve key issues in the country.
These characteristics make the Department of Mechanical Engineering a place and a unique experience for each of the people enrolled in the undergraduate program. One of the main objectives of the program is to enrich students’ lives to create successful professionals capable of contributing to the country’s constant development.


Train With The Best
Our Department has a full-time faculty, where more than 92% have the highest degree in their discipline (Doctorate and even postdoctoral studies). They provide each student with a research-oriented training, creativity, innovation and development of an effective method for problem solving.


Some Of Our Initiatives
We are constantly working on different projects and initiatives that include our undergraduate and master’s students. In those projects, we use state-of-the-art technology provided by our laboratories and the vast experience of bot faculty and laboratory technicians.


robocol-cuadradoEach of our undergraduate students can participate in the Department initiatives such as ROBOCOL, an interdisciplinary team dedicated to the design and construction of robots for space exploration purposes. 





VTHOur undergraduate students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering can be part of different activities as the Human-powered transport. Make your mobility ideas a reality, plan your own project, design your vehicle, build it as a team and compete against other universities in the country.




CELDASOur students bring important innovation to fields such as solar and wind power to support the unconnected regions of Colombia.






Fibras-naturalesWe develop biodegradable composites, made of natural fibers from the tropics to use them in structural applications.








The focus of this project is to have students construct scale rockets. Also, new technologies are researched for the construction and assembly of engines and fuels.