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Global Engineering

Código: IMEC 3707

Global Engineering will establish an interdisciplinary study of engineering technology, entrepreneurship, and the influence of global society and culture on problem-solving. The course will use explicit technological examples to explore how different cultures meet the engineering objective (both their paths and final solutions may differ). Topics will include the global scope of engineering; differences in engineering around the world; cultural, environmental, and political factors; conducting oneself in a foreign environment; and preparing for an international work/study experience. Guest speakers will present lessons learned in real global engineering cases, where both technical and cultural factors are integral. Students will build on these cases by practicing the appropriate application of engineering resources in diverse scenarios. The students at UMBC and UniA will form multi-cultural teams to design and present their engineering solutions. By working remotely with colleagues at a foreign university, students will gain direct experience in cross-cultural collaboration, including joint research, writing, and PowerPoint presentations.

Electiva IMEC de pregrado (nan créditos), oferta sujeta a disponibilidad.


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